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Gonzai Gallery

When Artists Invade the Internet

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I Had A Perfectly Good Rant...
Angry Raven
...and Disqus appears to have eaten it. Nine times out of ten, I write a long post anywhere, I copy it before I post it. This time, I didn't. And my nice long ranty post disappeared into 'moderation'. (I was posting to 'The Lost Battalion', the open thread on Ta-Nehisi Coates' blog over at the Atlantic. Hence the 'Horde' from the other day, commenters there refer to ourselves as the Horde.) I've been posting several times a day there and never once did one of my posts get flagged or marked for moderation. But this one went to the moderator for review. I posted another half dozen comments afterwards and those all posted no problem. I have no idea what happened here, and TNC won't be back until tomorrow afternoon to approve it. Nuts.

Anyway, the upshot was me ranting about the Westminster Dog Show being won by the Pekingnese, Malachy. Pekes cannot run, can barely walk, cannot mate, cannot give birth, can barely breath and are prone to all manner of health issues. As are English Bulldogs, French Bulldogs and several other breeds that have various physical deformations preventing them from doing the basic things in life. Why? Because dumb humans thought 'oh, this will look cute' and bred all these deformities into the animals, then wonder why they're so chronically ill/crippled. It infuriates me, the horrible things people have done to dogs in the name of amusement.

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I sympathize completely. I have a terrific time with Disqus-powered comments.

Hopefully it's just in moderation and will be approved, instead of just gone.

I totally agree about Westminster. *rolls eyes* That peke looked like either a very fat tribble or an Ewok's head on a string.

The thing that drove me most nuts about the Peke, was it was the only one of the 7 finalists I *wouldn't* have been happy with. I was particularly fond of the Dobie and the Dachshund.

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