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The Return of Parking Wars
oh really
Today we had 'Turduckentine's Day' and I saw a lot of folks I haven't seen in over a month, including many of the folks who were around for New Year's. As it turns out, the homeowner, Eric, sent a letter to the police a few days after the New Years mess, but never heard back from the police and until this week never heard anything at all. But Wednesday, a letter was stuffed in the doors of homes on their street, apparently 'written' by the overwrought neighbor who started the whole thing, insisting that everyone in the neighbor demand that visitors not be allowed to park on the street and to call the police on anyone who didn't leave. He included a section of the County Code in his letter; problem was, the code read that parking was available provided no one parked in or within five feet of a private driveway. Well, no one has done that, plus if he'd read his own damn letter he'd see he just told the whole neighborhood public street parking is legal. Anyway, Eric is distressed and doesn't know whether to go back to the police or get an attorney. He'll probably call my office soon to talk with the attorneys about options. Oy.

Oh well, the food, gaming & companionship today was good. And this host's neighborhood is much more reasonable.

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What a mess about the parking. Unfortunately, the police can't really do anything because he hasn't actually broken the law, so maybe a lawyer can do something. :)

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