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Gonzai Gallery

When Artists Invade the Internet

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Farpoint, Abbreviated
Checking In
Skipped the full convention this year. I was so busy in January and so tired, I wasn't sure I'd go at all. I settled for Sunday only, which turned out OK because most of the panels I was interested in were on Sunday. I had an hour to pick up autographs from Michael Hogan & Kate Vernon, and browse the dealers room. Took only half an hour as it turned out, there was no line for either actor and not much of interest in the dealers room. Picked up a few new games, including Ticket to Ride's newest version (India) and a couple goofy card games, 'Nuts' and 'Kittens in a Blender.' Yes, you read the last one right. Apparently a very popular game, I bought the last copy the guy had and evidently there were several rounds of it played prior to poker last night. Was pleasantly surprised to see jslinder and Pam, and visited en panel with the USS Chesapeake gang. We concluded that 'Chesapeake' is a Native American term meaning 'Attention Deficit Disorder.' And that was my Farpoint, however brief.