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Gonzai Gallery

When Artists Invade the Internet

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Who Let The Nutter Out?
And no, not talking about Rick Santorum (this time). Over the last couple of weeks, we've received some bizarre, unsolicited snail mails at the office. And I mean bizarre. It's kind of like reading paranoid schizophrenia. I checked the local court web site, this guy has amassed a pile of protective orders, citations for contempt and orders for psychiatric evaluation over the last couple years and last month he was disbarred from being a CPA. Why he isn't in jail, I'm not sure. Instead, he's randomly mailing out this stuff. (And really, dude, it's 2012. You're supposed to put this crap on Facebook.)

Fortunately, because I am lazy, someone at Something Awful also receives this wackiness and has scanned and posted them.

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Ok wow...that's sort of creepy and really weird. Those "letters" speak of a very unhinged person.

Recently at work we've been getting robocalls from this guy who rants on and on about the government. I really should try to record it if it comes in again. But it's all conspiracy theory "What if the government could do X scary thing." It goes on forever.

The guy is seriously out there. But I'm really worried for his wife and children, it's a pretty safe bet he'll harm them sooner rather than later. :(

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