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Gonzai Gallery

When Artists Invade the Internet

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Documentaries Again
Knocked out a couple more of them in the last few days. 'Paradise Lost: Purgatory' is the only Oscar nominated film I saw prior to the Oscars - the night before. It's driving legal me batty, because much of the issue with the West Memphis 3 is that they kept filing for new trials and appeals and such - and every request was given to the same judge who presided over the original trial. WTF? The whole idea of appealing is to go to the next highest court! Why the heck is the same guy getting the case repeatedly? The whole thing could have been over 15 years ago if it had simply been reviewed by a different judge, dammit.

Then tonight I watched 'The Loving Story'. They had the opposite situation: The judge in the original case made a ruling so blatantly racist and anti-constitutional, the Lovings' attorneys had no problem filing appeals and taking the case to higher courts because the basis for appeal was so clear. Still, it's ridiculous that they had to go through so much for so long just to stay married in their own hometown. Some days we've clearly moved forwards, as with the Lovings, but other days...owf.