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Gonzai Gallery

When Artists Invade the Internet

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RIP Davy Jones
Bad Day
Yes, THAT Davy Jones. Yes, I was too young for the original show (they broke up before I was born) but I was one of those Monkee-maniacs from the 80s. So, um, wow.


You once thought of me as a white knight on a steed...

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Shocked me to hear this.
I remember them very well.
Their first European hit was Last Train To Clarksville and the TV series quickly followed.
On reflection it was almost like a Nicolodeon series. Four goofy guys .....the "pre-fab four" sharing an ocean side home. Two were musicians (Peter and Mike) and Mickey and davey were actors.
Two problems:
They were non threatening for pre-teens but heavily indulged in the excesses available to them in California of 1966-69.
The other problem was that the musicians wanted to do their own thing..there had been criticism that they didnt play their own instruements but they certainly had the best song writing talent available to them...including Neil Diamond.
Tork and esspecially Nesmith resented it. Dolenz and Jones were mostly happy to go along with the best acting gig they would ever get.
The irony is that they left us great songs.

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