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Not So Fast
Mom decided to drive me further nuts by losing her credit card; after many calls and attempts to determine just what she's done this week, the card turned out to be at the Japanese restaurant we went to Sunday. She insisted on going to get it herself. I gave her a copy of their menu and a map to the restaurant and told her a half dozen times, including less than an hour before she went, that her card was at the Japanese restaurant. She went looking for it at Applebee's. I got it on my way to gaming, and boy did I need the gaming by then.

Then today she changed her mind, both about me handling her paperwork and about working with the dogs. She refused to get the training items the trainer recommended (specifically a gate and a Thunder Shirt for CJ) and doesn't want to move forward with the training. I can't afford to pay for it myself, esp with the iffyness of my job, so if she won't pay it won't happen. And she doesn't want me paying the bills for her or keeping track of the bills. Plus plenty of stuff about how I never told her any of these things, when of course I told her at least once a day for several days in a row, but of course I must be making things up to confuse her.

And oh yeah, had a general doctor's appointment yesterday - my weight is up and my cholesterol is WAY up. Just great.
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