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Gonzai Gallery

When Artists Invade the Internet

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Football In The Spring
Ray Rice
OK, not really, but I did stop by a local memorabilia shop this evening to get autographs from a couple Ravens players. And there was no one there. I thought I'd be able to find the shop (I haven't been there before) by the line outside, but the line was inside and all of 2 people long. Not so great for the players but great for me. Tonight's esteemed guests were punter Sam Koch and safety Bernard Pollard. Yes, the Pollard who took out Tom Brady's knee a few years back. I told him I'd always be his fan for that. Bernard was Mr Personality and having a great time. And they just announced today that the store will have Joe Flacco next month, so I snagged a ticket for that while I was there. Can't really afford it, but Flacco doesn't do public signings so this is a notable occasion. We'll see if I still think so after standing in line for 3 hours.