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When Artists Invade the Internet

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I Almost Passed Out This Morning
When the radio announced that one of the 3 winning Mega Million tickets was sold at a 7-11 in Baltimore County, Maryland. I bought 2 tickets each at 2 different 7-11s in Baltimore County. For a moment there...

But then I looked at my tickets. I had exactly one number correct.

It was nice for a while though.

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So it was bought at a 7-11? I hadn't heard that. After I heard that the ticket was sold in Baltimore County, I was avoiding any other news, because I bought my ticket in Baltimore County, but it's at the office and I can't check it until tomorrow. I suppose now I don't need to bother. :-/

Check anyway. There were a couple of $250K tickets sold in Baltimore County as well.

I really should go check my Powerball ticket...

That's a good point; I'll look in the morning.

I've not bought a Powerball ticket since I found out they doubled the price. I was like, "Yeah, uhh, no," at the cafe in the office basement. :)

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