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Gonzai Gallery

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Busy Busy
Checking In
A rare busy day at work, where I had a longterm and a midterm project to work on but everyone wanted something done right now. Some of those things were not cleared before they were assigned to me, so I did them and was then told I shouldn't have done it. (Fine then, tell the attorneys not to assign me things if I'm not supposed to do them. Better yet, how about they do things sooner than the day before?) Went home to a ton of laundry and a dog gate that needed assembling. And it turned out I needed to supervise Mom, who now believes that chili sauce, cocktail sauce, ketchup and spaghetti sauce are all the same thing and can be used interchangeably, whether destined for fries, pasta or fish. Also that if French fries are well done on one side, they are well done, period. Never mind if the other side of the fry is raw potato, it's cooked and done, what's the problem?

Phew. Time for a break. 
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