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For the First Time In Years
Checking In
I shot some pool. I think the last time I did was when my brother first bought his table, so that'd be ten years ago or so. But I shot a couple games with my nephews today and was surprised to discover I'm better at it than I thought. I still have the same problem I did back in the days of my youth, that being that while I can see the immediate shot, I can't visualize where the cue ball will end up afterwards. I can always sink the first shot, but there's rarely a second one available to me. All the same, I did much better than I expected at sinking the first shot and nearly ran the table on my older nephew at 8-ball. The cutthroat game took longer, because both boys kept missing any shot and bringing balls back to the table, but eventually I put that one away as well.

Now if I could just work on the whole spatial recognition thing...

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I totally can't do that either. My husband played on a team for a few years and he learned all how to do that. It uses some brain area that I think is either missing or atrophied on me :-D

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