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There's A Body In the Backyard
I forgot to mention that part in my open house tale. One of the houses was set back in the woods, with no lawn and limited landscaping. So the owner had gone a bit nuts with kitsch and bits. Mom wanted to know how far into the woods the property went, and I saw an electrical cord that seemed to go nowhere, so I decided to follow it. About 60 feet into the woods, I found a body,

A plastic and fiberglass body, that is, but very detailed and realistic model of a man buried up to his armpits, reaching out for help and screaming in desperation. And I though the 18 inch long cement acorn was odd.
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Wow. Some people are WEIRD. And creepy.

The methheads on the Light Rail were talking this morning about a body that was found somewhere in Baltimore in the past few days. When I read your headline, that was what I instantly thought of.

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