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Cherry Blossoms and Dogs
Yup, that time of year again. The biggest dog shows of the year in the area came to the State Fairgrounds this weekend and of course, I went. It didn't go smoothly - usually I park at the light rail and walk in the back, and I've never been asked for an admission fee. But I knew I was going to have a lot of bones and such forth this time as I was buying for my friends' Dobie Dexter as well as my own pups, so I thought maybe I could park closer if I went in the main lot. WRONG. Turns out they don't charge admission because they charge for parking, and spectators...park in another zip code. First thing in the morning, that wasn't a problem. After the show, when I'm lugging four bags of doggie goodies? Way too far. I am in pain. The feet from walking and the arms from hauling. Sheesh. Back to the light rail for me. But Dexter should be well-stocked, my mutts are well-stocked, I met lots of lovey-doveys and except for the walk back, it was a good day.

Anyway, we're not here for my griping. No, we're here and waiting patiently.

a casual Bernese Mountain Dog
 an American Staffordshire terrier in his first show
 a Xolocuintli, a new, hairless breed just recognized by the AKC
 Tyler the collie should have been named 'Two-Face'
 a relaxed Rottweiler
 a Portugese Water Dog, not unlike First Dog Bo
 I'm told this is a toy Poodle
 a Parson terrier, they're rare now
 a very chatty Malemute
 this is a very tiny Japanese Chin
 When I say tiny, these are both 2 year old females. Slight size difference.
 This Irish Setter was also showing for the first time
 A Golden Retriever checks himself out
 a curious French Bulldog
 this is the number one Chesapeake Bay Retriever in North America
 and this is the top-ranked Anatolian Shepherd
 a Cairn terrier
 Last but not least, a Basset Hound in full mournful look

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As an old dog show person, I always enjoy grooming area ("backstage") photos. These are, as you noted, amusing.

I accidentally commented instead of replied before, but in the meantime I have the photo of the pajama'ed whippet for you.


I think my alltime fave 'backstage' pic was a whippet in pajamas. That poor dog!

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