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I Must Be Brain Dead
I'm watching 'The Good Wife' right now, and a few episodes here and there lately have included a batty old feller named Howard wandering around the Lockhart/Gardner office. Apparently he's a partner. I absolutely do not remember when Howard was introduced on the show, who he is or why he's there, even though I've watched every episode of the show. I'm baffled.

Meanwhile, watching last week's 'Supernatural', that episode featured a hunter named Annie. I have absolutely no recollection of her, either. Same deal, I've seen every episode at least once and thought I understood the show, but I don't remember seeing her before.

Maybe I need to sleep for a week...

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On last week's Supernatural: I think I remember Annie (at least, she looked familiar), but you know? I can't seem to remember everyone having sex with her. Go figure. :/

Exactly. I'd think I'd remember someone who dated all the main characters. Likewise, I'd think I remember a named partner in the law firm. Sheesh.

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