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An Expensive Day
Just home from Game Days, which I left early because I went to the GCOM meeting that ran more than twice as long as they expected, plus I was in the world's most uncomfortable seat. My back is killing me now. Matches my knees, after I walked across a major road during rush hour to pick up my dinner. Hey, if I can see the place, I see no point in driving to it. Besides dinner, I picked up a couple goodies for myself (a GCOM t-shirt and 'Struggle for Catan'), a huge pile of games for the nephews to be divided between birthdays and Christmas, and I started the day by taking CJ to the vet, which surely wasn't cheap. So I blew bucks today. But CJ has a clean bill of health for at least a year and I'm set for all nephew-related gifts for 2012. Phew.

Back there tomorrow, hopefully for some games for me from the second-hand shop.

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What games did you get?

I love the Catan shirt :)

For me, so far, just Struggle for Catan.

For my nephews:
Carcassonne Big Box 3
Ticket To Ride USA & 1910
Settlers of Catan

Just have to decide how I'm divvying that up.

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