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Gonzai Gallery

When Artists Invade the Internet

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Blowing Off A Con
Checking In
Today was low 70s and sunny, in late April. Screw sitting in a hotel all day playing games. For that matter, forget the art & craft show. We went and saw a few open houses, did some grocery shopping and visited a farm stand, talking the back roads for all of the above. One of the houses...I swear, they were giving away something, although the realtor swore it was only cookies. I've never seen more than 3 sets of people at a house at a time, well this time there were two cars leaving as we pulled in, two cars coming in behind us and 7 sets of people already there. 4 more came while we there. Crazy busy. The owners had left a dog in the inlaw apartment, Mom wants both the apartment AND the dog. If it were just that apartment, it would have been a great apartment. Add 3.5 acres, 3 car garage, and a 4,000 sf house, wow. I want this house.

Now we're home trying to clear the DVR (3 days of shows to catch up on) and decompress from a big day.

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Sounds like a beautiful day and an awesome house! :)

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