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Gonzai Gallery

When Artists Invade the Internet

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Just finished watching the second episode of Veep and managed to be so involved with it, I forgot to play 'spot the location'. (The show is filmed in Baltimore, I'm obligated to try to recognize places.) It is an utterly hilarious show, though it is scary to think it has any resemblance at all to the people who run this country. I'd much rather the West Wing gang were running it. But it's more likely these, um, nincompoops.

Anyway, if ridiculously obscene language doesn't bother you, I highly recommend!  (And oh yeah, the movie from the same folks, 'In The Loop' - same deal, if you don't mind infinite f-bombs it's great.)

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I watch Veep. I love that they never disclose party affiliations. All people in power are shits no matter what they outwardly profess anyway. And I agree - it's funny and scary all at once.

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