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Tonight, Better Than Last Night?
It would be hard pressed to be worse. The window air conditioner decided not to work last night - it disagreed with me profoundly about the temperature in the room. It's probably the thermostat, but it's also a 20 year old unit so it might just be finished. We'll see what it does tonight.

Meanwhile, we had one heckuva storm that came through last night, a rolling sort of a thing that kept the lightning and thunder going off and on for a few hours. Besides the light show and the noise, CJ was terrified. If I left her in the crate she cried, if I left her out she was nutso. And I couldn't find her Thundershirt at that point in the evening. I've got it now, and I'm hoping there aren't any storms tonight.

I'd like to get more than 3 hours sleep, please.
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I feel sad for all the crappy stuff you've been through. Hope the storms abate and you can figure out/fix/get a new air conditioner. *hugs*

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