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Nobody Tells Me Anything
How Nice
I found out, as I was trying to get out the door to go to gaming today, that I'm babysitting tonight. I was supposed to be at gaming until 10, I left right after the Kentucky Derby and came home just as the boys were dropped off, except they want dinner and I already ate. I had no idea if they were going to want dinner or not so I went ahead and ate at gaming. So the boys are off with Mom for dinner and I am to have the dogs settled and a game set up when they come back. They want to play Endeavor. No way that ends before anyone's bedtime. But all of this might have worked out a little if, I don't know, someone told me I was babysitting more than a couple hours before I was supposed to do it?

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Yeah, that is REALLY rude and inconsiderate. I have similar issues with my in-laws, though; since we live here, we're usually the last to find out about family events (sometimes mere hours before!!) and our schedules/plans aren't even taken into consideration. So yeah, I totally understand. :(

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