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A Long, Crazy Day
Checking In
And I'm only here to talk about the first half. We'll get to the Saturday night part tomorrow because I'm too tired to deal with it right now. Also, I may have pictures, but I haven't tried getting photos from my phone yet.

Anyway, I started at the gym, where I apparently did something wrong. I did a whopping 10 minutes on the elliptical and spent the next half hour gasping for air. WTH? Later, Mom wanted out of the house, so I agreed to take her shopping for groceries and clothes. We spent a ridiculous amount of time at Kmart, in part because she didn't grasp the idea that if one particular size of an item of clothing fits her, so will the same size item in another color. She seemed to think changing the color also changed the size & fit. Then we looked at air conditioners, since mine's cranky, but the one I wanted was tagged with the wrong price so we had to hunt down a clerk. It's still in the car, I wasn't up to hauling it in.

Since Mom paid for the air conditioner, I offered to buy dinner. She wanted Italian. And she ordered veal marsala. When it arrived, she was shocked to find it included mushrooms and wine. (Of course, the menu said that's what it was.) Then later she couldn't believe there was meat in it. And for an encore, it didn't sit well with her so she was darting in and out of the facilities for the next few hours. (I was fine with my gnocchi.) Which made grocery shopping, um, awkward. We didn't get home until almost six. And then there was my evening...
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