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I Am A Bad Marylander, Pt 2
Checking In
The rest of the story from last night - one of the guys from Roots Cafe turned 50 this week, and he and his wife decided to have a party. But not just any party - they rented the Baltimore Streetcar Museum. And booked a very loud band. It was a little tricky trying to find the place, I've never been to the Streetcar Museum, or ridden on one for that matter. Bad me, revoking my local cred card. But I did find it and there were about 200 folks there, so it was a serious party. The streetcars were running all night, 4 different cars. I rode Car 1164, which was built in 1902 and was a bit, um, breezy. Open seating. But very nifty and it got some pretty serious speed going at one point. The band was good but crazy loud, especially inside a brick and tile museum, so most of my listening was done out front. Everyone from Roots came, the first time most of us have seen each other in 3 to 5 years, so it was like a reunion. I also met an announcer from a local radio station, and ate a serious variety of olives. 'twas an enjoyable evening.

I couldn't get the photos off my phone, so here's the