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Gonzai Gallery

When Artists Invade the Internet

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The Art Show's Done
Checking In
Phew. Means I am no longer obligated at Balticon and any further time I spend is free and my own. Haven't decided if I'll go back tomorrow or not, will probably decide in the morning. Esp. since all there is for me, anyway, is gaming. I bought 3 pieces of art for myself and the con t-shirt and that was it for purchases. The art show was very weird all day, they tried something new with the computer/inventory system Saturday night which turned out to screw up a lot of the purchases and give us plenty of headaches. I vote we don't try it again next year. A badly written bid turned into a full-blown soap opera. The auction coordinator stepped out for lunch and didn't come back until 5 minutes before the auction, and he had never requested assistants so he lucked out that I was running around trying to find him, I assisted. And I packed up all but one of the mail-in artists, right after I hung every one of them. We need more people there. COMPETENT people, I should add.

At any rate, I'm home, CJ seems happy, Mom hasn't burned down the house. I should be watching Game of Thrones, shouldn't I?

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Sounds frantic! Good for you for being so omni-competent! :)

I was at Balticon for a few hours yesterday.

I had a nice time — I went out with some friends for lunch — though a badge checker did give me a hard time for wanting to go in the Dealer's Room and spend money. (The con's website says the Dealer's Room is "open to the public," not "open to convention attendees," even though it's clear that the latter is what they meant.)

One of these years I'll do Balticon "properly." Maybe.

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