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The Games Before The Game
Ray Rice
After an episode with taking things to the neighborhood dumpster day (like Mom changing her mind every couple days on whether we should dump anything and one item leaking black fluid all over the back seat of my car), I spent the rest of the day at a gaming birthday party. 50+ people in a house not meant for nearly that many people, plus multiple people with social skills issues. The main one being the 10 year old boy, whom I'd never met before, who greeted me at the door by grabbing my boobs. His mother seemed uninterested. Apparently he's autistic on some level, but really, that's not something the parents should be letting the kid do. Then I got into a Ticket to Ride team game with two people who claimed they played TTR and loved it. Turns out they've never played it before, AT ALL, which is not a good thing when playing the team game. A 3 hour game later...fortunately the gaming day improved after that, I got into a few games outside on the deck with people I like to play with. And now I'm home...

...and it's time I got cracking on prepping for tomorrow's entertainment. A charity softball game. The Ravens' offense vs the Ravens' defense. The weather is predicted to be pleasant (although it'll be better if I can find the darn sunblock) and the few comments I found online about previous softball games seem to indicate they're both fun and productive in the getting autographs category. Hopefully Mom can finally meet her beloved Ray Rice and get her jersey signed. Off to find that sunblock...

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OMG, the boy did WHAT? Autistic or not, that is TOTALLY unacceptable. I would have raised hell because I am that kinda gal, and he would have been featured in a "hellspawn" entry on my LJ. I can't believe the things people let their kids get away with today. And autism isn't an excuse: unless he's profoundly retarded as well, he is capable of learning acceptable and unacceptable behavior.

That rant over, enjoy the softball game! :)

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