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The Rules of Softball
There are none. At least not when the Ravens are playing.

It was a beautiful day, absolutely perfect for an event like a charity softball game. It didn't go as well as I would have hoped - both before and after the game, I was on the wrong side of the field for autographs. The event organizer, cornerback Lardarius Webb, twice stopped signing just before getting to me, and everyone else was always on the other side. Got a whopping 5 autographs, all but one post-game. And then I missed the first half of the game because the concession stands were not prepared for a crowd. Or anyone, apparently, they ran out of cups, Coke, Diet Coke, chili, corn dogs & pretzels and that was before I got to the stand. Took 45 minutes to get a bleeping drink. Mom, meanwhile, sat in the stands having a nice chat with her seat neighbor and enjoying the heck out of the game. And it was amusing once I made it back, the batters and pitchers were all being goofs and the fielders, well, they were proving they should stick to football. So Mom had a great time, mine was okay.

But - pictures!
First up, Joe Flacco & Torrey Smith hang out in the infield.
Torrey Smith taking some cuts at the plate, but no one notices. Below, Ramon Harewood watches Lardarius Webb try to bunt.
Ray Rice was rocking the shorts 3 sizes too large look, but so was Gino Gradkowski.
Ray Rice, headed out but then he stopped to sign a few things.