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CJ's New Digs
How Nice
CJ's new, expensive, 'doggie Alcatraz' crate arrived yesterday. Took me (with 'help' from Mom, who doesn't know the difference between a bolt and a nut now) almost 2 hours to haul it upstairs (it weighs around 50-60 pounds), clean it and put it together. Except for the latches, which seem a little weak, this sucker is solid. Half-inch posts and 3/4 inch frame, stainless steel. Bust out of this one, dog. And the latches, while the weak point, there's two of them and of my own accord I decided to install them going in opposite directions, in further deterrence. I hope. I mean, I'd like to think I'm smarter than my dog...anyway, other than some whimpers, she survived the night in there. My hands and back are killing me, but I think I've finally gotten one item of stress off my plate.

And then I'll get the credit card bill for this. Eesh.
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Your CJ sounds like quite the dog! :)

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