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Downhill, Fast
Angry Raven
That's where my day has gone in the last two hours.

First, Mom calls me at work freaking out because 'the computer is broken'. It's not broken. Microsoft sent updates last night and the computer restarted, of its own accord and wanted a password before finishing the startup. A pain, but not broken. This led to 10 minutes of me, on my cell, in the office, when I'm supposed to be working, trying to explain to my mother the difference between capital letters and not capital letters because she was bound and determined to put in the password her way, not the computer's. (And now the whole office knows my personal password, so I have to change it on everything.)

On the way home, I was pulled over by a cop. That hasn't happened to me in two decades. Wondering what the hell, it seems my car's registration expired. 10 weeks ago. I never received a notice about it and with all the mishegas over my mother's car reg and the van's reg, I never noticed the Mazda was expired. I got lectured at great length about how he could tow my car, right now. He settled for me driving straight to the MVA Express...which was closed. What's the point of having an Express, with a kiosk in the lobby, if it's open even fewer hours than a real office? Anyway, now I have 24 hours to get my registration renewed. Who knows how much the late fees are, although if I have to go in I'll protest mightily since I never got a notice.

Went to the gym. Discovered my last 3 workouts never registered with the computer system. Then I couldn't get into the system to work out for the life of me. 3 machines and 2 employees later we finally got the computer to accept that I'm a member and it should record my workout. Cripes.

Come home and let CJ out - she immediately sought out Roxie's poop and started eating it. Much yelling didn't dissuade her, so I went out after her. She saw me coming and...rolled in it. That little...

Anyway, things are going to hell. See you there.
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Cripes. And I thought I had a bad day.

The fare machine at Owings Mills, instead of giving me back eight dollars change, gave me a receipt instead. The station attendant told me I had to go downtown to get it redeemed. Really? I've already been inconvenienced. Now I get to be inconvenienced more? (A phone call got it taken care of; they'll mail me my eight dollars.)

Coming home, MTA, in its infinite wisdom, ran a one-car Light Rail train southbound. There's a baseball game downtown tonight. I really think that MTA should run three-car trains on baseball nights. If they did a one-car train on a Ravens game night... *facepalm*


Oh, the day wasn't bad up until around 4:30 or so. Just a lovely jam-packed couple of hours. And after bathing CJ earlier, I let her out for her last pee of the night - yep, she rolled in it again. Bath number 2.

Sounds like the MTA needs a newspaper upside the head as much as CJ does. I didn't think they *ever* did single cars during rush hour...

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