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Gonzai Gallery

When Artists Invade the Internet

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Game of Thrones
I finally finished reading the book, ten months after I bought it and 3 months after I started reading it. (I had to get a move on, the Horde is collectively reading a Civil War historical tome and I didn't want to start thinking dragons fought for the North and the South was full of wights.) A few thoughts, without spoilers:

1) Damn, but the TV show hews closely to the book. I'm not sure I've ever encountered film that faithful to its book.

2) Every once in a while, a visual piece is superior to its written source. This is one of them. Even with the addition of naked women, the TV show is an improvement on the book, and I think it's the POV. The show is omniscient; we see everything and without bias. The books are limited by the POV, not everything is seen or heard and it's all very biased.

3) That said, the books are helpful for the details and the history. You can exposition-dump history in a book, but not on TV.

Time to read about Reconstruction (yippee) and then maybe on to Clash of Kings. Hopefully will have a Kindle by then. It would help.