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Gonzai Gallery

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DC. Driving. Bleah.
It was DC Horde meetup day in Alexandria, so I saddled up and drove to Virginia. Easier said than done. They're doing 1812 stuff in Baltimore, so had to go around the long way to avoid traffic/etc in the city. Get to DC and discover oopsie! I never checked on the Nats' schedule. They're home. Day game. Crawl through the city. Found the park in Alexandria just fine, found the people, we picniced, we rambled, we petted dogs and fed ducks, we played Cards Against Humanity. I have been deemed sick and twisted (and also useful, as only I thought to bring paper towels to a picnic.) The ride back - over two freakin' hours. First I gave Carlos the Dwarf a ride back to the Metro, except not only was traffic bumper to bumper, we couldn't figure out how to get into the station. Then I tried to find a place nearby to get a cold drink, but when I left the store to return to I-95...the ramp to 95 is closed. The closing forced me back into downtown, where I wandered in gridlock before (almost accidentally) finding my way back to 95. Hooray! Not so fast, sucker. There was an accident on the Beltway just in front of the ramp. I was stuck there for a while. Finally freed and back on the highway until...BW Parkway, packed solid. At dinnertime Saturday. Uh, why? The one good thing was I listened to 3.5 CDs that have been sitting in my car for months because I never seem to get past the radio. But sheesh, 4+hours in the car today. I'm not used to that.

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That's horrible, horrible traffic. Sounds like Southern California. :(

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