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Gonzai Gallery

When Artists Invade the Internet

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One Nation Under Dog
Bad Day
The good news is, it's HBO documentary season. The bad news is, the first offering was 'One Nation Under Dog'. I just watched it. I don't think I will sleep tonight, and I can't stop crying. Most of it I expected, like bereavement counselling, pet cemeteries, animal shelters, puppy mills.

What I cannot deal with is the way the shelter disposed of the animals. They put a dozen dogs in a box and gassed them. All you could hear was the dogs screaming as they died. And it got worse - they opened the box, made sure the dogs were dead, and then put an entire litter of puppies on top of the dead dogs. Then they gassed the puppies.

I am a wreck.

The worst part is that the people who need to see this film - the abusers, the abandoners, the puppy millers and the people who just will not spay/neuter - are the people who won't watch it. The people who do watch it, we're the ones who already know.

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Thank you SO MUCH for this warning. I won't be watching it. It sounds horrific.

*goes to cancel the recording she had set*

Ohmigodno. Double no right now. Thank you for the warning, I was planning on watching that-- but I can't deal, especially not right now. *cuddles her kitties*

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