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Still A One Car Family
Mom's car went in the shop on June 10th. That's 11 days ago. Not my idea, but my brother's got it into his head that she 'needs' a new car and I figured the only way around that is to 'allow' her current one to be repaired. (To the tune of $8K, it turns out.) She was supposed to get it back last Friday. That was changed to Monday. Then my brother says it's Wednesday (and promptly goes on a cruise, so he's unreachable.) Today, still no call. So I called. The guy tells me it'll be at least next Monday. That's 15 days, gang. She's barely left the house except for when I take her somewhere, and she's also refused to let me take her out, and she has a major case of cabin fever. I'm thinking of having her crash the BSFS picnic Saturday just to get her out of the house. I don't want her driving, but right now, it's better than the alternative.