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Gonzai Gallery

When Artists Invade the Internet

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Hey Haters!
Have a cookie!

Rainbow Oreo

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Oh yes, I was reading about this. Of course some people will boycott Oreos but the rest of us will think fondly about them every time we consume a delicious Oreo cookie. :)

I'm going to over to a gay couple's house tomorrow - I'm thinking my food contribution should be Oreos :) Preferably Berry Blast!

That sounds good! Also, they have flavored Oreos now? What flavors?

Oh, my.

Every possible permutation of chocolate, vanilla, cookie and creme you can think of. Also, with chocolate cookies, they can be filled with peanut butter, mint or strawberry (the Berry Blend, which is my favorite.) They've also teamed up with Breyers - not only Cookies'n'Cream, but Cookies in chocolate ice cream, and vanilla Oreos in vanilla ice cream.

They've been busy.

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