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Neighborhood #3: Power Out
While I was typing last night, the power went out. The battery backup is supposed to last 30 minutes, but only lasted 5. Lasted long enough for me to post and shut down the computer at least. And that was it for the power for 15 hours. No AC, in 100 degree weather. The radio stations I listen to were knocked off the air; my cell phone's tower was out. One of our oak trees came down on the neighbor's fence, I photographed it but they're not home and I'm sure the insurance and tree people are a little busy right now. It's been a rough day. I had to drive 10 miles out to get breakfast and a cell phone signal to call my brother about Mom's car, just so he could tear me a new one because Mom doesn't understand anything he says to her. Among other things, I asked if we could stay at his air-conditioned house and was informed he didn't particularly want either me or Mom there and don't you dare think of bringing a dog here. Well, at least I know if there's trouble at home, don't even bother asking my brother for help, just go straight to friends. F**k him.

Anyway, power's back for now, so trying to watch some TV while we have it.

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Your brother sounds lovely. NOT. What happened, that the power and everything went out? :(

We were near the top end of the 'derecho' storm that came through the mid-Atlantic Friday night. 60-70mph winds. Meep.

I feel like I was lucky in Friday night's storm.

The rain and lightning started at about 10:40. The power went out at 10:50. I went outside and stood on the back step. I've been through hurricanes in North Carolina, and this was worse than any hurricane I can remember. The lightning was so intense that I could see clearly the trees swaying by ten or twenty feet off center. And there was thunder that never stopped, there was just this ongoing rumble that sounded like great machines were drilling under the earth.

I tried, stupidly, to sleep in my un-air-conditioned room, but I ended up not sleeping at all and feeling very strange from excessive sweating and dehydration. At 3:30 I went downstairs, saw that the rain had stopped, and went out on the back patio to see what the world looked like. The sky had cleared off, the stars were shining through a strange haze, and there were fireflies everywhere blinking in the night. I laid down on the living room throw run and tried to sleep, but the power coming back on at 4:30 woke me up. Then it went out almost immediately, and I sat in an armchair and fell asleep there.

The power came back on for good at eight.

I ended up napping yesterday and going to bed early.

A house down the street had a shattered tree in their front yard. I drove out to Eldersburg yesterday on errands, and once you reach Liberty Reservoir the storm damage stops.

We're lucky too, I think. Just that tree on the fence, we talked to the neighbors today and they're cool with taking our time and coordinating with the other neighbor on tree removal. My netbook is being cranky and won't charge, but when I took it a store it worked fine so I guess it just doesn't like the electricity in our house and it's not storm-related.

What I learned the hard way is, don't open the door during one of these storms. The wind caught the door and swung it all the back, with me hanging on for dear life. Amazing it stayed on the hinges.

Fifteen hours without is pretty bad,too. And your 'lovely' brother... nice of him to not want his own mother and sister to be able to be comfortable in air conditioning. You know, I often wish I had siblings, but then, I don't have ones I have to fight with or who are just mean. Sorry that happened; he sounds like a tool.

I know some people are still without power and the news says they could be out until Friday, FGS! Guh. With all the trees etc. down, I guess that's why.

My boss is one of the ones expected to be out until Friday. He's staying with his in-laws now. One of our attorneys is supposed to get his power back today, but if he doesn't he's going to stay with the office manager until it does.

The office got power back Sunday night, but has no internet nor a timetable for it. Attorneys without e-mail. It's horrific. (Well, they think so...)

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