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Gonzai Gallery

When Artists Invade the Internet

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The Netbook Will Live
I was concerned about my netbook post-storm - it was unplugged during the storm, but it wouldn't charge yesterday, claiming it wasn't plugged in to an outlet (it was). Tried several outlets, same thing. Didn't have any more cords like the ones the netbook uses, so I couldn't check those. Took it to Best Buy after we did the house-looking thing and the Geek Squad tried it on a few different outlets - it worked on some but not others. So they sent me home and I tried a few more outlets and eventually found one the netbook liked. Sheesh. But at least it wasn't toasted.

Meanwhile we talked with the neighbors and have a rough plan regarding the downed trees. So we seem to be sorted as far as the storm goes. Unfortunately we have a week of 95-100 degree temps and possible storms every day. Spiffy.

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Same temps for us except without the storms. Glad you found an outlet that made your netbook happy. :)

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