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Gonzai Gallery

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Still Here
Checking In
Haven't melted yet. Check back later today on that one. Meanwhile, my car's battery DID melt. Or rather, it was several years old and winding down its life, apparently, so the extreme heat finished it off. Right before I went to work on a day my supervisor was at a funeral and therefore I was under particular obligation to be in the office. I overpaid for a new battery, but Midas took me straight in, less than 5 minutes to confirm my diagnosis, less than 10 to replace the battery and send me on my way. It was worth it to still get to work by 10am.
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(Deleted comment)
I went to gaming this afternoon, and went through the CVS trying to find something edible I could take that would survive 10 minutes in the car :p (Settled on potato chips, can always use salt on a day like today.)

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