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Classic Films, Catching Up
I had hoped to spend this new-show-free week clearing off the rest of the classic films from the DVR. Power outages and a Firefly marathon (I am not proud, but I am happy) prevented a full DVR cleaning, but I did knock out 3 films this week. Oddly enough, the movie I'd seen a few small bits of here and there was the only one of the three where I didn't see where the plot was going early. Anyway, my thoughts:

The Wicker Man (1973) The original, of course. No time for Nic Cage here. In its time, this movie was shocking and horrific. Now it's merely creepy. Because of its rep, I had an impression of the film being dark and scary. Instead it was filmed almost entirely in daylight in a charming Scottish village.
[Spoiler (click to open)]
The increasing oddness of the villagers and ritual sacrifice notwithstanding

, I'd vacation there. And I saw where the film was going early on, so there was no shock for me. But it's very well-done, tightly written and filmed, and Sir Christopher Lee sings.

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre - I had no idea this was the source of 'We don't need no stinkin' badges!' which of course wasn't exactly was said, either. Once again, the setting is a character in the movie and that's the most successful aspect of it, IMHO. Because again, I saw where they were going with the story pretty early on, and was only surprised by how long it took to get there. It's a morality play.

The Philadelphia Story - This time, while I was pretty sure the wedding wasn't going to happen, I had no idea who was going to wind up with whom, when or how. Yay! And my new favorite line - 'Can you use a typewriter?' 'No thanks, I have one.' Gee, that was a complicated wedding. I think I need a drink now. And yes, definitely a top of the line romantic comedy.

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I think Treasure of the Sierra Madre is the only one of those I have seen...

We were sorting our DVDs into keep or sell piles now, so I expect I'll be watching a lot of them this month.

I love Philadelphia Story......and indeed High Society.
And although Wicker Man looks a little dated, its a great movie.
Just recently British TV showed a documentary on the making of the movie which included interviews with many of the Scottish villagers who had parts as islanders in the movie.
The documentary also had an interview with the girl who was Britt Eklands "body double" in the movie.

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