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Why I Stink
And I mean that literally; I've thought for the last couple of months that I've been rather odorous, which baffles me since I shower daily and wear deodorant and clean clothes. After the gym, yeah, sure then. But not the rest of the time. Yesterday, I stripped and remade the bed, and the clean sheets...smelled like they'd come from the gym. So I wondered...and I went downstairs and checked...and sure enough, we have no laundry detergent. Mom has been doing the laundry without detergent for at least two months. The laundry was the one thing she was still able to do, I thought, but now she thinks she can do it without soap and was peeved that I insisted we get detergent and use it. (For the record, yesterday she insisted on making dinner - and gave me still-frozen fish sticks, chili sauce, vegetables she knows I hate and no utensils. She didn't see the problem with this, either.) But if I dare suggest something's wrong...

She is getting really bad, the doctor won't give her another medication until at least the fall when he sees her again (yes, I tried), my brother doesn't believe anything is wrong and meanwhile I skipped gaming today because I didn't want to be more than 30 minutes away in case the next disaster happens.

The next few years are going to be just hilarious, I suspect.

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Wow, that sounds REALLY bad about your mom. Does she have a diagnosis? :(

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