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Eureka Finale
Well, it's over. They managed to get most of the cast back together, even James Callis, who I didn't see listed in the credits. And of course the town was saved from the doohickey that nearly exploded it, the Sheriff's Jeep wound up in pieces and Wil Wheaton got nekkid. Everyone lives happily ever after. Awwww!

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OMG, that one doctor was WIL WHEATON!! I thought he looked vaguely familiar but I had NO IDEA. Glad to see him acting. I saw bit and pieces of the finale, but Sean told me the town was saved, which is a nice happy ending. :)

Yup, Wil's been on about half the episodes. He's turned up on Leverage a few times as well, so he's working!

That's so nice to hear. He caught such hell from certain fans on Star Trek:TNG that it's good he survived it all with aplomb. :)

I thought they did a really lovely job with the ending. I really like it when you can just imagine the characters going on as they have been. I was worried they were going to change it back to the original timeline, glad they didn't do it.

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