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Gonzai Gallery

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Gaming In The Great Outdoors
Surprisingly not bad at all, considering it's July and raining pretty much nonstop. The rain stopped this morning, and while it threatened to resume most of the day, it didn't. We were on a pavilion and the light was a bit dim under cover, but otherwise very nice. Because it was so cloudy, it didn't get hot until late in the day when the sun finally peeked out. So except for pink on the back of my neck, it wasn't summery at all. Got in a few games, mostly with folk I know but at one point I invited two strangers to play with us...only to discover the strangers were actually the son and daughter-in-law of a couple I'm friends with! Meanwhile I successfully avoided the people I don't like, commiserated with a friend who lost her job this week, ate too much, played with Dexter and while I only won one game, I finished a strong second in all of the others. A good day. I needed one. I have few hopes for tomorrow.

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I'm glad you had a good gaming day and that you didn't get rained out! What's up with tomorrow? :(

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