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I Went to The Movies
Which at this point is a noteworthy event. I haven't been in almost two years. And in this particular instance, I went to an IMAX film, which is something I've never done before. I don't think it was worth the extra $4, I didn't really see where the screen was that much bigger than usual, and the sound was way to loud. I had brought earplugs, but they weren't enough most of the time, and when it was just dialogue, the earplugs had to come out so I could understand what was being said. So, no IMAX.

That said, I liked the movie plenty. It was 'The Dark Knight Rises', of course, and I thought it was very good.
[Some vaguely spoilerly thoughts.]
People complain that Bane is unintelligible; I couldn't understand half the characters. I'd like to see it again with captioning. I spent half the film trying to ID actors, and was very surprised/pleased to see Burn Gorman in there, I had no idea he was in it, and I've never heard him speak American before. I think Joseph Gordon-Levitt was at least as much the lead as Christian Bale. After seeing the end, I don't think that was a mistake. It struck me that while people have claimed the film is commenting on modern politics, I was thinking they were actually retelling the French Revolution.

Anyway, those were my immediate thoughts.

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I'm glad people are going to the theater to see "The Dark Knight Rises." That way, the killer doesn't win. :) And I'm glad YOU liked the movie, if not the IMAX. :)

Modern politics and the French Revolution have some growing parallels, I'm somewhat terrified to say.

I find it more worrisome than terrifying. Possibly because I'm not one of the ones who'll be guillotined.

"Terrified" is an exaggeration, really. I find it more "troubling", because depending on which way the wind blows, I could find myself on a chopping block.

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