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Gonzai Gallery

When Artists Invade the Internet

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RIP Jonathan Hardy
Bad Day

I am quite sad (and a little creeped out.) Sunday, I was puttering about in the basement, saw a Farscape magazine and my first thought was, Jonathan Hardy. Does he still wear the t-shirt I gave him at Comic-Con? (I've seen many photos of him at other cons in the shirt.) How is he doing, health-wise? He hasn't always been well. Is he working on anything?

Monday, the news came out that Jonathan had died. So I'm bit creeped that I was thinking about him, for the first time in while, right around the same time he died. Meep.

I saw Jonathan at several cons in the early-mid part of the oughts. He was a hoot and a half, a great con guest and a fan of me (!) He loved my artwork, esp. that of Rygel, and I gave him both a t-shirt and a print of that piece. He gave me his personal e-mail address, his idea, because he wanted to keep in touch. I wimped out. What would I say? And now I'm doubly sorry I wimped.

A glass to you, sir, a fine voice (literally) and great personality.

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Wow that IS creepy. Strange how things like that happen sometimes!

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