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Mom's Birthday, Pt 1
She forgot her own party with her friends last weekend, but so far so good on what I had planned for her. We went to a restaurant today, they served us dinner even though it wasn't actually dinnertime yet, the bread was great and the salad was was awesome. It was a tomato/mozzarella salad, most tasty. Mom had scallops and I had shrimp salad. Both great.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to get her presents - my supervisor was going to give me her husband's Kindle (he got it free, but he hates it and won't use it) and I ordered a case and a light online which will hopefully be delivered tomorrow. Already picked out some books for her to download before I give it to her...assuming I at least get the Kindle tomorrow. Fingers crossed.
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Fingers crossed for the Kindle! :)

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