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Gonzai Gallery

When Artists Invade the Internet

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The Tale of a Kindle
Checking In

My supervisor spent much of last night and today trying to e-mail her husband's documents to herself, without success. I suggested plugging the Kindle into a computer through the USB port and transferring them that way; she said she didn't have the right cord for that. Meanwhile, she couldn't get a Wi-fi signal at the office or at the restaurant across the street. She finally gave up and told me to give it a shot (I'd been offering to do that all week). She thought it needed to be deregistered and reregistered to her, so that's what I did first. And all of her hubby's docs disappeared. Yikes! So I called Amazon help. They like me. I had both CSRs cracking up. Anyway, they suggested deregistering her and restarting the gadget. Worked like a charm; his docs were back. Then came the fun part of trying to transfer them. The CSR thought she could find them in the cloud, but they were never Amazon docs, they were proprietary to the seminar he went to. I suggested buying a cord and transferring them to my computer; they said the docs wouldn't work on the computer because they were in Kindle format, but that there was a USB cord built into the power cord. I had no idea. Nifty! So I plugged it into the computer directly and...turns out the documents were all .pdfs. Moved all of them onto a thumb drive to give to supervisor tomorrow. Meanwhile, I loaded up the newly me registered Kindle with classic authors for Mom (who will be the primary user) and sent her off to read Mark Twain. The case and light should be here next week. Phew.

We have Kindle!