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Gonzai Gallery

When Artists Invade the Internet

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Shore Leave, in Progress
Checking In
Without me, at the moment, I'm not into masquerade and I didn't know anyone at the game room, so I cam home to try and catch up a bit on things. I've spent more money than I should have (surprise, it's a con) but not a lot comparatively speaking. Got my vinyl 'Talk Show' signed and had a nice chat with Jane Wiedlin, spoke briefly with Thomas Dekker and hopefully will talk with him some more tomorrow. Lots of panels, been running my yap plenty all day. Talked with a bunch of authors last night, including terri_osborne and tiggerallyn, visited briefly with jslinder although I've seen much more of his better half Pam than I've seen of him, and today I saw and chatted with  aprilvalentine on my way out.

Two days down, one to go.