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Gonzai Gallery

When Artists Invade the Internet

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Kindle Update
I think...I THINK...it's fully set up and ready to go. And Mom spent all day yesterday reading on it. Fingers crossed she'll keep using it and no difficulties with gadgets arise. Meanwhile I got a new UPS backup for the computer, but that's not going in until I finish data backups. And I more or less donated a printer/scanner/copier to the Obama campaign - the boss's daughter has been hired by the campaign as a field office director (in Roanoke, poor her) and they're shipping her off without so much as office supplies. The boss cleared out a lot of extra office supplies and I pitched in the printer my brother gave us last year, as we've never once used it. It's too big to fit anywhere around my house and I have other gadgets, so the least I could do is put it to good use. Not least of which is annoying my brother.