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*head desk*
Bad Day
Mom is getting worse by the day. She keeps asking me the same questions every few minutes all day, most of her conversation consists of it, him and her but if you ask what/whom she's actually referring to, she doesn't know. And she claims I misunderstand everything she days, when in fact I understand exactly what she said. She just didn't say what she thinks she said. And she's pissed at me. We are not speaking to each other now. Meanwhile, most of her medications have expired, because she refuses to see her doctor because she claims the doctor doesn't listen to her. I understand how the doctor feels. She wants a new doctor, but I gave her a list of gerontologists who take her insurance and she refuses to call any of them. And she won't go to an appointment unless I take her, which isn't going to go over well at work.

I hate dementia.
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You have my sympathies. I spent six years in the dementia trenches with my grandmother. It's tough.

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