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The End of Minas Tirith?
The extended version of Return of the King came with a little model Minas Tirith, with a hidey-hole inside for little things. I hid my key to my mother's safe deposit box in it (along with a couple other small things.) Well, those things may have been safe from a burglar, but they weren't safe from my mother. Every few months, she would move it somewhere and I'd have to go searching for it again. This time, I actually need the safe deposit key and...it's gone, gone. Not in the room where I kept it, not anywhere in the house that I can tell. She says she doesn't remember ever seeing something like that. What almost certainly happened is she saw it, didn't know what it was, and instead of, I don't know, ASKING ME, threw it out. And of course, she has no idea what she did with her key. Terrific, just terrific.


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