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Meet Me At The Fair
How Nice
'twas a fine day at the fair, if underattended. Only little kids, and the only people between 15 and 60 were the parents of said little ones. Also grandparents with little ones, and a lot of seniors and special needs adults. I was decidedly an oddball at the fair.

At any rate, I met a lot of critters and gave a lot of nose pats (and in a couple cases, neck massages), which made me many new friends. I saw a piglet being born, and many baby goats were in attendance. I want one! Despite being sneezed on by a few, my glasses and shorts are now well coated with goat snot. Stopped in the Exhibition Hall to raid the candy store (bad me) and stopped to chat with the Obama campaign folks. Got a bumpersticker and this time I really mean to put it on the car. Also bought a pit lamb sandwich for Mom, and a Fair t-shirt, but I was most tempted by a shirt with the World's Most Interesting Man on it, which read "I rarely Hate, but when I do, I hate the Pittsburgh Steelers." Awesome.

But it's the pictures you want, right?

Cute calves, an Ayrshire on the left and a Guernsey on the right:
Ayrshire calfGuernsey calf

The petting zoo is always a good place to visit: snuggling bunnies, swimming ducks, mini-horse foals, alpacas, donkeys with attitude and my new bestie, a goat who had an itch. I scratched it. She fell asleep in utter bliss. I just love her folded up ears.

SnugglesSwim Club
Mini FoalMuppet!
DonkeytudeMy New Friend

The horses, of course: a pinto foal who obliged me by posing,a foal getting gussied up, a very noisy filly, a pretty pinto and a foal who needed lunch, now.

Posed PintoMane braiding
NoisyPretty Pinto
Speaking of lunch, it just wouldn't be a State Fair without some foods that frankly, probably shouldn't be eaten.

Donut BurgerGrilled Cheese

And that's my day at the fair.

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I seriously want to try fried butter some day, but part of me is scared to, LOL!!

Looks like you had a lovely time, and really like the pictures. :)

You know, I've never been to the State Fair. Ever.

I think I whined about it to my parents as a kid after seeing and reading Charlotte's Web, but nothing ever came of it.

We used to go often when I was a young 'un, but then I didn't go for probably 25 years. I went last year and enjoyed it, so I may make a habit of it now.

Deep fried grilled cheese

Just add ham, and it's a Monte Cristo!

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