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Nice Slow Weekend
Checking In
No gaming and not a lot of things that interest me this weekend, so it's been a stay home, sleep and putter around the house. I've gotten a few things done and plenty more I'll do tomorrow, mostly bathe Roxie and vacuum the house. I already bathed CJ, did tons of grocery shopping and a lot of computer stuff.

Also working on clearing off the DVR - watching a pile of movies this weekend. We've already watched 16 Blocks (good little film) and The Hurt Locker (good, but a bit overlong) and now we're watching Giant. Talk about overlong, all 3.5 hours of it. Don't know how long I'll last with it, but so far it's just confirmed for me that I would never live in Texas.

And of course there was Doctor Who last night - I wasn't spoiled for it in terms of plot, but my expectations for it were raised by what I did hear and of course then it's not what I thought it would be. Good thing I don't expect the show to make sense, there were some serious plot holes and Huh? things, but enjoyable all the same.

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Glad you liked Doctor Who. One of my LJ friends is a huge Doctor Who fan and HATED the premiere. Sean liked it; other people were meh. I didn't really watch it, as I wasn't in the mood, but I may catch it later on the cable's "on demand" queue. :)

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