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Move It, Bambi
Angry Raven

Y’know, I’ve seen some rather unusual things in my morning commute. But today was the first time I hit a deer.

You see, it’s 9am. It’s bright and sunshiny. It’s a busy road just yards from the city line. They were does, so presumably not completely crazy/sex-driven. WTF are a herd of deer doing crossing the bleeping road?

Fortunately I know the rule about ‘see one deer, there’s more around’, so when I saw the lead doe trot across the street, I hit the brakes even though she was not in my way. I was going about 20mph when another one burst out of the brush. My side mirror and it’s face/neck had an unscheduled meeting and then both were redirected, the mirror against the car and the deer back whence it came, with the rest of its group. Only apparently damage to me or the deer was having the crap scared out of us. However, the numbnut behind me was too busy on the phone to notice and nearly rear-ended me. Moron.

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Oh shit, that sucks :( I hope that car repairs go smoothly and the numbnut doesn't try to fight things!

Oh, he didn't hit me - stopped an inch short of my bumper and took a few years off my life, but didn't hit me. There's a scratch on the mirror and that's it.

But boy, did that scare me!

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