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Late On A Sunday

I checked the Emmys a couple times but hit a commercial every time. However, I see the Emmy voters were both astute and Baltimore homers. Astute, because Homeland was the best freakin' thing on TV last season (and there was a lot of great stuff to choose from) but I never expected it to win Best Drama. Best Actor for Damian Lewis? He deserves it, but I'm pleasantly floored by it. Meanwhile, other winners were Julie Bowen (from Baltimore), Julia Louis-Dreyfus (filmed in Baltimore) and Game Change (filmed in Baltimore, I drove through the set at one point.) Very cool.

Also cool, buried by emotion category: the Ravens' Torrey Smith is playing tonight - and has scored two touchdowns - a few hours after the death of his younger brother. Wow. Just one of the crazy things going on this game. And by the way, can we please, please, PLEASE have the real refs back? Gack.

ETA - Holy crap. We won.

Not cool at all...anyone want a dog? I don't know how, but CJ managed to get a hold of a leather art portfolio five feet away from and above her crate. She completed shredded the $200 portfolio, along with a few pieces of original artwork and dozens of copies of art that I had sold. She never got outside the crate, but somehow dragged the portfolio into the crate. I don't know what to do other than to attach wire mesh to the sides and front of the crate, but I don't have any left here and I don't know if Home Depot would have such stuff or if they can cut it to size, as I don't have the equipment to cut heavy wire. Ay-yi-yi.